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Gotten your attention with me being a doll like plastic bimboslut fan?

I think you like to know exactly what I mean with that. Here it is;

Plastic, jay plastic fantastic :) Ofc I mean plastic surgery on a bimbo. Very big, obvious fake, tits are a no brainer and puffy lips a must, Ass probable, just as belly, I bet you get my drift ;). Great pic;

Is the chick of the pic a bimbo? I wonder, did she get her trampstamp?? Her tongue, clit and navel pierced? How come her nails are this short? Rings trough the tips of her nails would be a nice touch :). How high are her heels? Her neclace should be a chocker, way more kinky. Why not more makeup? I wonder about the rest of her clothing...... I hope you now understand the difference between bimbo and plastic and how hot a plastic bimbo is ;)

Is she a slut? Looks like one but we cant be sure. A slut isnt shy of the camera, enjoys having all her holes filled and showing off. Sluts always swallow the cum they get fed. Sluts tend to worry about where to get the next dick(s). Sluts will be owned ;).

Is she doll like? Nope, dolls are the ultimate bimbo's. I love the dehumanisation part. High pitched voice, referring to self in thirth person, giggling a lot, lots of efford to look like a true doll. This (morphed) bimbo should be a greatly inspirational one for any aspiring doll like plastic bimboslut ;)

I dont like magic, pills, hypnosis etc in a chat. Me is the real life fantasy kind of guy. I enjoy chatting about exploring the themes I just mentioned.

Now you know!

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