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i started young...

Hi everybody. So many people have asked me when i realized that Men are Superior. i thought about it and realized that it was something that happened when i was about 16. Here's what happened:

It was a hot, hot summer day and i was bored. i decided to walk up to the gas station to get a soda. i was wearing a tube top, some pretty short shorts and was barefoot. As i walked to the gas station, i took a shortcut through the back of a small shopping center. The back door of the pizza place was open and there was a guy standing there. He was about 20 and obviously worked there. As i walked by he asked me if i wanted to get high. i said sure! He took me in the back door and down this back hallway to the employees Men's room. i went in with him and he closed the door. It was a small room, just a toilet and sink - not too clean. It all happened so fast -the next thing i know, he grabs me, bends me over the sink and pulls my tube top down! He stands behind me, his groin pressing into me, pinning me against the sink. He reaches around and starts playing with my nipples. i begged "please don't.." but he didn't stop. He whispers in my ear, “take off those fucking shorts”. i'm scared now so i pull them down - still pinned against the sink. The shorts slide down to my ankles and i step out of them and he kicks them to the side. Now im just in my panties, bent over the sink getting my nipples played with.

Now he leans in and in my ear says, "so what's your name bigtits?". i squeek out that my name is ashley but he grinds into me and says louder, "no - i said what's your name BIGTITS?". i cry that my name is ashley. He smacks me on the ass and says "I said what's your name BIG-TITS?". i finally got it and said "my name is bigtits". Now he pulls me up and slams me against the wall. He takes a marker and writes the word BIGTITS across my boobs saying that now i won't forget... Then he bends me back over the sink and asks me my name....i say “my name is bigtits”. "Oh really", he says, "why do they call you bigtits, bigtits?'. i said "um...because i have big tits..". With that he rips my panties off and sides his cock into me. He fucks me hard calling me bigtits and slut while i just beg him to stop. He keeps making me say my name is bigtits while he fucks me and smacks my ass again and again. It takes him a long time, but he finally cums inside me and then pulls out to shoot some cum on my ass too. He then tells me to hurry up and get dressed. i quickly pull up my tube top and put my shorts back on (i have no panties now..). He grabs my arm and leads me quickly to the back door and as i walk through the door, he slaps my ass and says "see you around, bigtits".

On the walk home, i could feel his cum on my ass making my shorts stick to my skin. i wanted to get home as quick as possible so i cut through this wooded area. It was a little rough on my bare feet, but i didn't care. Along the path i came across these two guys. They wouldn't let me pass..asked me if i knew what a toll road was. i said i didn't have any money and begged and begged them to leave me alone. i must've said “please” a hundred times. They noticed the words written across my chest. The one guy, who was bigger, said that there were other ways to pay than with money and he pulled my top down.. he started calling me bigtits and pinched my nipples then pulled down, forcing me to my knees. He took his cock out and made me suck it. The other guy kept saying things like “that's right..gag that slut..suck it good bitch”...stuff like that. After sucking him for a long time, He came in my mouth and said,” swallow it all slut”. i swallowed...he pulled out of my mouth. Next thing, the other guy grabbed me by the hair and forced his dick in my mouth. He held my hair and was really, really rough. Kept calling me names..oh god..he was so rough. After a while of that he told me to hold my tits up for him. i held them up and he pulled out and shot a huge load of cum all over my face and tits. It was dripping down from my tits all over my legs. They said i could go but had to leave my top down and crawl on my hands and knees with my cum covered tits hanging down. i crawled away with his cum dripping off me as i heard their laughing...after a while i got up and could hear them yelling for me. i started running and didn't stop or look back until i got home.

After a long shower – the marker ink didn't really come off, i laid on my bed thinking about what had happened to me. i realized that i had no choice in what happened and if Men want to do that to me, there is nothing i can do but take it. i came to the conclusion that because i looked the way i do, Men would want to do these things to me and really, there was not much i could do about it, just accept that in the world, Men are stronger and women are inferior to them and must submit to their desires.

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  •  GoreanMann: 
    while I CAN NOT condone the rape of a minor, this was very well written. My one critique would be that it is not entirely clear how you felt about this before, during, and particularly after.

    I AM glad that you have made some kind of piece with this. Keep writing.
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  •  mstraciamber: 
    Great job. You should write more.
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