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Well let me start by saying that it's just me startig to let the real me shine thorugh.  Suggestions, tips and comments are welcome.   So I've been here for 3, almost 4, days. after getting out of Denile.   Starting using maek-up again ( spend about70 euro
Jenny_Lee 20.05.2016 0 230

Ok I get the mtf part of the problem although I really don't like it. But why do people from this site just stop talking when you sat that you are serious wnt to see how far you can go? Jenny
Jenny_Lee 20.05.2016 0 207

The following are the steps I'm willing to take irl Finding a trainer (male or female) fiigure training voice operation changing wardrobe looking/  for / finding the 'right' job to finace / pay back everything FFS operation BA operation Finding a girlfrien
Jenny_Lee 16.05.2016 0 201
clodivs 02.03.2014 0 1923

It looks like they are well on the way towards creating a culture of bimbos in Venezuela:
clodivs 12.11.2013 1 1495

Hmmm, this sounds like a pretty interesting technology with which to create and train bimbos and their fuck slaves.  How would you use it.  
BeastMode 11.10.2013 3 2027

I am on a bimbo journey! I have identified my bimbo inspirations and now it's time to do with work! So I've decided to take it slow and add three new things to my routine/daily life a week.  My first step this week is to use Loreal Collagen Lip Filler and
KawaiiBimboChan 14.08.2013 2 1665

As I don't have a man to turn me into his bimbo (and that's not really possible right now) I have decided to do my transformation on my own. I read somewhere online that the first step is to find bimbos you admire. So here is a list of girls who inspire me
KawaiiBimboChan 30.07.2013 8 1498

Someone who claims to be intelligent by itself, is the most stupid person.
DocBimbostein 16.06.2013 0 669

When I was younger I always admired the pretty girls, you know the ones in high school that you knew would be beautiful forever.  They blossomed early, had beautiful skin and long shiny hair.  They didn't need to be smart, or responsible or work hard at an
barbiekat 16.05.2013 0 1094
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