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As I don't have a man to turn me into his bimbo (and that's not really possible right now) I have decided to do my transformation on my own. I read somewhere online that the first step is to find bimbos you admire. So here is a list of girls who inspire me
KawaiiBimboChan 30.07.2013 8 1498

Last night Daddy sent me to the truck stop as punishment.  I wore my school girl uniform.  I got to charge $20 for a fuck, $10 to suck, and $5 for a handjob and I had to bring home $50.  It was a weird change to go from a littlegirl to a cock hungry whore.
mstraciamber 09.02.2012 4 1238

Hmmm, this sounds like a pretty interesting technology with which to create and train bimbos and their fuck slaves.  How would you use it.  
BeastMode 11.10.2013 3 2027

<!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> Christie couldn't take any more. She was in her last year of school and was ready to say a big “fuck you” to all the boring teachers, books and studying and bring on the drinking, partyi
JaySango 15.09.2012 3 1116

I really don't like being punished.  Sure it's humiliating and gets me wet but the truth is I don't like it.  I do try my best and when I let him down I know I deserve it.  I guess that's why I hate it.  I know I've let him down.  There is this wonderful l
mstraciamber 16.01.2012 3 832

So lately life has been pretty up and down.  Searching for a new Daddy.  Finding someone perfect then it doesn't work out.  Finding someone else.  That didn't work out.  Lately I've been playing around with a man on IRC.  I've known him for a long time and
mstraciamber 05.10.2011 3 802

I am on a bimbo journey! I have identified my bimbo inspirations and now it's time to do with work! So I've decided to take it slow and add three new things to my routine/daily life a week.  My first step this week is to use Loreal Collagen Lip Filler and
KawaiiBimboChan 14.08.2013 2 1665

My Dearest Daddy, I'm sitting here legs spread thinking about you.  My ass still hurts from the spanking you gave me today.  I'm gently touching my sore tits.  I can see the bruses your love left on me.  Thank you so much Daddy.  Thank you for lording over
mstraciamber 08.02.2012 2 736

Here is a rea life bimbo with her own youtube channel for us to watch and enjoy. It's called "ashleyshugtime" if you want to search for it or you can just link to it here http://www.youtube.com/user/ashleyshugtime?feature=watch#p/u/9/PA69_sM3wB0   She is
GoreanMann 02.01.2012 2 1161

i'm glad you liked my first blog. A few years ago i went to work for this company as a receptionist. It is a medium size company and the job was easy. My Boss used to pat me on the ass all the time along with an occasional boob squeeze and, when i did some
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