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Hi Courtney, I just joined too, maybe we can chat sometime! :-) xoxo
318d ago
  ok so that  puts forth the question of this thread. can one be both a sexy bimbo and a warrior. in my view it is a no brainer ofcourse you can. we learn from the Buddhists that a warrior is simply one who is brave in our current culture of lazy underachievement. it take bravery to say " um no i don't want another slice of pizza."
354d ago
  hat matters is your  happy with your transformation if your "friends" are being bitches about you getting off your bum and cleaning yourself up and trying to look good and feel good about yourself then they aren't friends. all i can say is congrads on pulling yourself outa the mud and forging yourself in the fire of your will. those trolls don't have the displine , inteligance,or personal strength to do what you have. besides now that your up and moving you'll make new f
354d ago
Hello Cady, I am glad to see you are embracing your bimbo self. I would love to chat with you and discuss bimbo transformation. Let me know if you want to chat. Seth
383d ago
Hi! I'm Cady and I'm a bimbo. I know I don't look it yet but I am. I'm sooooo glad I found this place and I'm sooooo looking forward to talking with you guys! All of you guys! I can't wait to get some really cool ideas for my bf to make me even more of a bimbo! Feel free to chat with me about anything, for real. I'm totally open and I will talk about anything if I can. Sooooo, yeah! Come chat! I'm looking forward to knowing all of you lots better.
383d ago
Hello everyone, I'm Sophie and wanted to tell you about me. I'm a 29 transsexual and had my coming out last year. I'm from Germany, 194cm tall and wear glasses. At the moment I'm in therapy to get hormones. I'm very shy irl and still a virgin but my inner self is a complete slut. I'm looking here to find friends, help and maybe an owner.  I have only one goal. I wanna be a living sex object. Shit on being a human I wanna be a doll. A plastic filled object. To reach my g
420d ago
Hello Jenny,    I love the idea of transforming a woman into a perfect bimbo girl. If you would like to discuss the transformation more let me know.   Seth
426d ago


Just saying hi for now. I'm a bimbo wannabee from Belgium. who's mostly into the physical aspect of bimbofication bordering on dollyfication. I'm post-op mtf (so not afraid of surgeries *giggles) and Bi with preference for women.   Personallity is mostly Sub / Brat.   Got very few things holding me back which are mostly financial. Biggest block right now is seeing / believing it's possible and finding a trainer willing to work (with) me.   Bimbo mod's 'wis
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Hi Courtney, I can't help but be curious about you being a bimbo here
430d ago
Hi everyone!  I'm looking to do bimbofication roleplays where my character is captured or seduced and molded into the perfect bimbo slave.  I'm currently looking for female or futa characters in the scene, but both male and female writers are welcome! 1.  
455d ago